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QR Code Creation and Tracking Service


This project is a web application developed using Python Django and MySQL. In 2016 the codebase was updated to Python 3.x and Django v1.9. If you are familiar with Django Framework and MySQL, the install should be straight forward. Feel free to fork the codebase and use for personal or commercial use. See MIT License for more information.


A working demo can be viewed at

Getting Started

Section 1 - Installation

  • install mysql-server, virtualenv
  • in terminal at project's root, execute virtualenv env
  • in terminal at project's root, execute source env/bin/activate
  • in project's root, execute pip install -r pip-requirements.txt

Section 2 - Configuration

  • copy web/conf/ web/
  • create mysql database
  • add mysql credentials at appropriate section in web/
  • add SECRET_KEY at appropriate line in web/
  • in project's root, execute python makemigrations && python migrate && python createsuperuser

Section 3 - Starting Server

  • to start server, in project's root, execute python runserver
  • to access website, visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser

Section 4 - Post Configuration

  • visit http://localhost:8000/admin and login with your superuser email and password
  • click on Sites and change the record display name and domain name to 'localhost'