Chiori-chan's Web Server is a Java Based HTTP/TCP Server featuring Groovy Shell and a feature rich Plugin System
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Chiori-chan's Web Server is a HTTP/TCP Web Server allowing for both dynamic and static content delivered to both browsers and TCP clients. To provide flexibility, the server also includes a powerful Groovy Scripting Language. The Scripting Engine is also extendable using a provided API. Is the Groovy language not your thing, try our extensive Plugin API loosly based on the ever popular CraftBukkit Minecraft Server API. Chiori-chan's Web Server could be considered an Application Server as it gives you the power to create amazing web applications while taking less time and resources, while at the same time utilizing the power of the Java Virtual Machine.

Please read our official documentation located at It contains great advanced information and tutorials on how to use Chiori-chan's Web Server.

Build Status Build Status

How To Build

You can either build Chiori-chan's Web Server using the Eclipse IDE or preferably by using the include Gradle. Doing so is as simple as executing "./gradlew build" for linux users. Gradle will output the built files to the build/dest directory. Also be sure to clone the repository with the --recursive argument, as to make sure our ChioriAPI repository is also included.

API Notice

Since version 9.4.0 (Milky Cross), Chiori-chan's Web Server uses the Chiori API. In the interest of sharing application loader code with other project by Chiori-chan. The API was developed from at least 50% of the web server code. After cloning this repository, make sure to execute git submodule init within the root to initialize the ChioriAPI submodule.


Our Gradle Build environment uses the CodeStyle plugin to check coding standards, as follows:

  • Please attempt at making your code as easily understandable as possible.
  • Leave comments whenever possible. Adding Javadoc is even more appreciated when possible.
  • No spaces; use tabs. We like our tabs, sorry.
  • No trailing whitespace.
  • Brackets should always be on a new line.
  • No 80 column limit or 'weird' mid-statement newlines, try to keep your entire statement on one line.

Pull Request Conventions

  • The number of commits in a pull request should be kept to a minimum (squish them into one most of the time - use common sense!).
  • No merges should be included in pull requests unless the pull request's purpose is a merge.
  • Pull requests should be tested (does it compile? AND does it work?) before submission.
  • Any major additions should have documentation ready and provided if applicable (this is usually the case).
  • Most pull requests should be accompanied by a corresponding GitHub ticket so we can associate commits with GitHub issues (this is primarily for changelog generation).


Chiori Web Server is licensed under the MIT License. If you decide to use our server or use any of our code (In part or whole), PLEASE, we would love to hear about it. We don't require this but it's generally cool to hear what others do with our stuff.

Copyright (c) 2017 Chiori-chan Copyright (c) 2017 Penoaks Publishing LLC.

All Rights Reserved.