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A clean version of the Lips engine, with GodHead related content

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About Godhead-Lips
Godhead is a cerebral, first person roleplaying game
This is an implementation of the lore, and hopefully the gameplay, in the Lips of Suna Engine



You need the Lips of Suna graphics+sound files to run the game currently. Download Lips (any recent release will do), and copy
data/lipsofsuna/graphics and data/lipsofsuna/sounds to GodHead-Lips/data/godhead/graphics and /sounds respectively.
The latest executable requires you follow instructions below on installing the dependencies and compile the source.
A less up-to-date Windows executable and .dll files can be downloaded from the below URL; they go in Godhead-Lips/

About Lips of Suna

Lips of Suna is an online dungeon crawl game.


System requirements

 * Recommended: Video card that supports OpenGL 3.2 or newer.
 * Minimum: Video card that supports OpenGL 2.1.

To play the game in the quality graphics mode, your video card needs to
support OpenGL 3.2 or newer. To play in the limited graphics mode, at least
OpenGL 2.1 needs to be supported.


 * Python  
 * Bullet  >= 2.77
 * ENet    >= 1.2.2
 * Lua     >= 5.1
 * SQLite  >= 3.6
 * SDL     >= 1.2
 * SDL_ttf >= 2.0
 * GLEW    >= 1.5.5
 * OpenGL  >= 2.1
 * OpenAL  
 * libogg  
 * libvorbis
 * libflac 


After installing the dependencies, run the following command in the directory
where this README file is located:

./waf configure build install


After compiling the game, run the following command in the directory where
this README file is located:

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