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Python bindings to libappimageupdate
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AppImageUpdate Python bindings

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This library provides a Python wrapper for libappimageupdate.

It was written in C++ using cffi, and provides an elegant, Pythonic API which allows Python applications to access the libappimageupdate API.

Please beware this is alpha quality software. There is a set of unit tests that cover most of the functionality. If you find bugs, please do not hesitate to open issues here on GitHub. If you think the issues are not in this wrapper but right in libappimageupdate, though, please report the issues in the AppImageUpdate repository.

Build instructions

You will have to install libappimageupdate in order to build the C++ extension this library provides.

Please either install a distribution package, or use CMake and make install to set it up. You should set CMake installation prefix to /usr for maximum compatibility.

Then, install this module via pip right from GitHub. It will automatically build the extension:

> pip install -e git+
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