A compilation of sample code that uses the APIs provided by the Associated Press
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This is a repository of code samples for the Associated Press APIs.

You will need to sign up for an API key before you can use any of the code in this repository.

AP Content API

The full developer's guide can be found here.

Basic Search

Basic search can be achieved using the following HTTP GET call:


mediatype can be photo, video, or graphic depending on the media type you are looking for. apikey is your API key and q is your search terms. As an example:


This returns photos about the search term "computer."

Payload Format Support

The API returns XML (Atom 1.0) by default, but it can return JSON by applying accept:application/json in the header and JSONP by passing a callback HTTP GET parameter. Here is an example snippet in Python requesting for a JSON payload:

import requests

apikey = 'my_api_key'
keyword_search = 'star wars'

payload = requests.get('http://api.ap.org/v2/search/photo',
                       headers={'accept': 'application/json'},
                       params={'apikey': apikey, 'q': keyword_search})