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If you would like to provide a module for Toaster please checkout the example module and once you have made it you can simply send a pull request to add your module to the 'community_modules' folder.


Command Aliases Description
!accept Accept a request to swap positions.
!afk Sets you as AFK in the room.
!autowoot !rcs Provides a link to the RCS extension.
!avatar Explanation of the custom avatar.
!ba Shows information about becoming a Brand Ambassador.
!blcheck Checks if a specific song is on the blacklist.
!commands Links to this page.
!dc Rejoin the waitlist after disconnecting for up to 1 hour.
!discord Provides a link to the NC-331 Discord Server.
!diy Provides a link to a document containing information on how to setup a community.
!emoji Emoji Cheat Sheet.
!eta Shows an estimated time for when you will reach the DJ booth.
!event Describes the current or planned event.
!forum !website Links to the Nightcore-331 website.
!gaming Links to the Nightcore-331 Gaming Discord
!giftpos Gift your waitlist position to someone else.
!help Shows some basic help info for Plug.
!hug Hugs a user.
!kill Bot responds with 'no thanks m8'.
!kms Forces the user to 'kill themself' (Kicks and re-promotes user).
!lastplayed Shows the stats from the last time hte song was played.
!link Provides a link to the current song.
!nightcore Provides a link to an explaination of 'Nightcore'.
!op !blacklist Provides a link to the blacklist.
!opcheck Checks if the current is OP (Bouncers+ can also check specific songs).
!pet Pets a user.
!rjoin Joins a roulette if active.
!rules Provides a link to the room rules.
!social Provides links to all of Nightcore-331's social media profiles.
!theme !genre Links to a forum post explaining the theme of the room.
!xp Provides information on how to earn XP in Plug.


Command Aliases Description
!blocked Provides a link to Polsy's Youtube Restriction Checker
!bouncer Provides information on how to apply for Bouncer.
!map Provides a map of the staff locations.
!mehrule Prints the mehrule information.
!picture Provides a link to the current video's thumbnail.
!ping Pong!
!plug Provides information on Plug's return.
!rdj Provides information on how to apply for ResDJ.
!setbadge Set your badge (rcs theme only) to the url provided.
!staff Pings the last 3 active Bouncers+ for help.
!shush Tells the user to stop asking for mehs.
!urban Looks up a specified or random word/phrase from the Urban Dictionary.


Command Aliases Description
!active Logs stats of how many users have been active within a period or how long since a user was last active.
!add Add user to the waitlist.
!bl Blacklists the current song.
!discordreload Forces the Discord bot to reload.
!jointime Logs the amount of time since the user joined the room (this session only).
!ls Skips the current song whilst also moving the user to position 5 in the waitlist.
!lock Locks the waitlist.
!lockdown Deletes all chat messages for users below Bouncer rank.
!maxlength Adjusts the max song length in minutes.
!move Moves a user to a speicifc position in the waitlist (will also add the user if they aren't in the waitlist).
!nc Checks a users Nightcore Credits.
!rc Reloads the bots modules. This is similar to a full reload apart from the bot doesn't relog.
!remove Remove a user from the waitlist.
!skip Skips the current song.
!stats Logs the stats of a user.
!swap Swaps two users positions.
!totaltime Logs the sum of all user sessions in the room.
!unlock Unlocks the waitlist.


Command Aliases Description
!announceman Manually posts the configured announcement message.
!announcement Sets the announcement message.
!announcetimer Sets the interval between announcement messages.
!announcetoggle Toggles announcements on/off.
!autodctoggle Toggles the AutoDC feature on/off.
!ban Bans a user using the bot.
!beta Logs if beta commands/features are enabled or disabled.
!betatoggle Toggles the beta commands/features on/off.
!clearchat Clears the current chat messages.
!clearqueue Clears the waitlist queue.
!dclimit Adjusts the length of the DC limit in minutes.
!endevent Ends the event. Re-opening the waitlist and disabling DJ Cycle.
!hardreload WARNING! Only use this as a last resort. This clears ALL bot caches and restarts.
!kick Kicks the user and re-promotes them (if they were staff already).
!mbl !manualblacklist Manually adds a song to the blacklist.
!mblo Manually adds a song to the blacklist overriding warnings.
!mblsc Manually adds a soundcloud song to the blacklist.
!pp Logs the bots current Plug Points.
!rbl !removeblacklist Removes a song from the blacklist.
!reload Forces a full restart of the bot.
!resetroulette Resets the roulette settings.
!roomstats Prints out stats for the room.
!roulette Starts a roulette.
!s Changes settings in the bot.
!savesettings Forces the bot to save its current settings to disk.
!say Send a message as the bot. WARNING this is restricted to discord only!
!startevent Starts an event with a specific user as the DJ. Turns on DJ Cycle and locks down the waitlist.
!testuser Logs basic user info. Testing if the bot can see the user in the room.
!wllimit Adjusts how long the bot thinks the max waitlist is. Mainly used for testing new features.
!wlcount Logs how many people the bot can see in the waitlist. Useful for checking for ghost users.


Command Aliases Description
!heroesneverdie Revives the room chat.
!highnoon Kills all chat in the room.
!rig Rigs a roulette for a specific user.


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