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Light Data Bars

Output files for the tutorial of the project Light Data Bars, contained in Batjo's cookbook "Data Driven News Installations". Please refer to the project website for context.

Light Data Bars is an prototype physical data driven installation that promotes an informal and participative approach to data. Each LED bar has a switch to set one of the two possible modes. If the switch is in position 1, the number of LEDs that light up is determined by the data. If the switch is in position two, the participant has to try and guess the correct data value by applying an amount of force on a sensor (more force = higher value) and the LEDs light up accordingly to such value. In the interaction, the user is both grasping a general feel of quantities through a non-visual sense, while also being surprised by how close or far its guesses are. (Disclaimer: data in the render image is dummy data, made up for demo purposes)

render-output prototype-output1 prototype-output2


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