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3D Data Map

Output files for the tutorial of the project 3D Data Map, contained in Batjo's cookbook "Data Driven News Installations". Please refer to the project website for context.

3D Data Map is a flexible installation that allows you to physically change removable 3D data layers on top of a map and to use the sense of touch to interact with the data. You can insert positive values on top and negative values on the bottom of the map, for an effect that is impossible to really obtain with 2D graphics. The same techniques can be used for data driven extrusion of any type of geometry: grids, administrative boundaries, buildings, etc. With a few small modifications, the same design can be used to produce a series of small multiples 3D maps. And the 3D data layers, when not on the map, can be hanged on a wall as 3D infographic posters.

render-output prototype-output1 prototype-output2