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A step-by-step node.js debugger for Brackets
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#Brackets Node.JS Debugger

Brackets-node-debugger is an extension for the Brackets editor.

It's an early stage step-by-step debugger for Node.js applications.

Install it

Use the built-in Brackets Extension Manager to install Node.JS Debugger or clone this repository into your Extension folder

You need to restart (not just reload) Brackets after the installation!

How to use it

Start your script with node --debug-brk yor-script.js or node --debug your-script.js

Go into Brackets and click on Debug -> Node.js Debugger or use Ctrl-Shift-I

Click on the red icon at the top left corner to activate the debugger and connect it to your script.


Use the Buttons to Step over, Step in, Step out or to continue the script execution.


Click on a line number to set/remove a Breakpoint and use the console to get an variable for the current scope.


Use the arrow keys to browse through the history.


Open the preferences file (brackets.json) and edit/add the entry. All options use the brackets-node-debugger.-prefix

Option Default Description
debugger-port 5858 Port the V8 Debugger is running on
debugger-host localhost Host the V8 Debugger is running on
showChangelogOnUpdate true Show Changelog Dialog when you update the Extension
autoConnectOnToggle false Connect to the debugger as soon as you open the Node.js Debugger Panel
autoConnect false Connect always to the debugger as soon as available, powerful if your node process restarts on file changes
removeBreakpointsOnDisconnect false Remove all Breakpoints when Debugger disconnects
lookupDepth 4 Defines how deep the lookup max goes if you evaluate something

Bugs & Contributing

There are still a lot of featuers missing and probably a few bugs as well, so feel free to contribute in any way!

Send a pull request, open an issue if you found a bug or if you have an idea to make this tool even better...


The Brackets Node.JS Debugger is licensed under the MIT License

And thanks for the awesome Icons, Ionicons

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