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A telegram bot used by my duplicacy-utils scripts
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Duplicacy Utils Telegram Bot

A telegram bot used by my duplicacy-utils scripts.

How to use with duplicacy-utils?

Update duplicacy-utils to latest version then just follow the instruction from @DuplicacyUtilsTBPBot. There's only one step needed :^).

How to use from other scripts

You can easily use this bot to notify you in your own scripts. The steps needed are as follows:

  1. get the telegramToken from @DuplicacyUtilsTBPBot
  2. send a Post request to with the body containing a json encoded string with 2 fields:
    • content containing a string with your message
    • chat_id containing the telegram token from before
  3. telegram should show you a notification now

Example of usage in powershell:

$payload = @{
  content = "Write anything <code>>>lalalal &m_a5</code> $#@%&**&^% <i>you</i> may <b>want</b>"
  chat_id = 1234567890

Invoke-WebRequest `
  -Body (ConvertTo-Json -Compress -InputObject $payload) `
  -Method Post `
  -Uri ""
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