MBFTDI is application which allows to play SVF (Serial Vector Format) files and so execute JTAG commands on FPGA/CPLD chip. Special MBFDTI programmer device based on FTDI FT2232H chip is used. SVF files are created by Altera Quartus II or Xilinx ISE development tool.
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This project implements SVF Player (both Linux and Windows).
SVF (Serial Vector Format) file describes sequence of JTAG commands which do some useful function
like loading image into FPGA or burn CPLD chip.

Altera Quartus II or Xilinx ISE developer tools can generate FPGA/CPLD programming files in form of SVF.

This SVF player works togather with MBFTDI programmer device based on FTDI 2232H chip.
MBFTDI programmer is also Open Source Hardware Project developed by http://marsohod.org group.
Schematic of programmer is there: http://marsohod.org/index.php/howtostart/progmbftdi

"Marsohod board" itself is simplest CPLD developer board based on Altera EPM240T100C5 CPLD chip.
It is also Open Source Hardware Project.
Blog about "marsohod board" is there: http://marsohod.org
It gives educational articles about Altera Quartus II, Verilog and CPLD programming as well as many ready funny projects.