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Teamtasks is an asynchronous and online agile daily stand up tool. It is meant for small team ( < 10 persons ) and offer a way for this team to give daily information to each other about what teammate are going to do, and what have been done.

What Teamtasks is not:

  • It is not a personal todo-list application: Teamtasks is only meant for very short term / ongoing tasks.
  • It is not a Kaban dashboard: Teamstasks does not allow a task's owner to be switched depending the need of users.
  • It is not a time tracking application: In a perfect world Teamtasks is only used twice a day: first time, in the morning, to prepare today's tasks, second time, at the end of the day, to confirm what's been done and what's not.

What Teamtasks is:

Many IT project frameworks (such as Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, ...) suggests to perform a daily meeting (also known as daily stand-up, daily scrum, huddle, roll-call) where every member of the team answers is supposed to tell the rest of the team:

  • What they have done since last meeting,
  • What they will do until last meeting,
  • What's getting in their way.

This meeting is supposed to be short (~15min.) and is sometime the first thing to do in a day.

This is an excellent practice, however, it is a very "synchronous" task:

  • People have to wait that everybody is here before starting,
  • If there's some discussions, sometime half the team is not listening,
  • It is very painful to track (no one likes writing reports or minutes),
  • It's not remote-friendly,
  • Sometimes, you can forget someone, and he might get away with it ;-)

Teamtasks is a web application giving users a way to plan their workdays.

They can :

  • Manage their workday (only one at a time) :
    • Create a workday (today, or tomorrow)
    • Plan the workday (ie.: answer the question What will I do today ?)
    • Finish the workday (ie.: answer the question What did I do today ?)
  • See their coworkers workdays


  • LDAP connector
  • Time indicators settings
  • Almighty admin's power (remove user, remove workdays)
  • Removing misclicked tasks
  • Slack notifications
  • Gamification

Run Teamtasks

git clone
# Build dockers images
docker-compose -p teamtasks  -f docker/docker-compose.yml build --pull
# Start the environment
docker-compose -p teamtasks  -f docker/docker-compose.yml up -d frontend
# Initialise / update database
docker-compose -p teamtasks  -f docker/docker-compose.yml run --rm backend python migrate

You can run exactly the same commands in order to update/upgrade the project (using git pull instead of git clone)


Asynchronous and online agile daily stand up tool



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