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Diaspora in Wordpress (W*) is a PHP based Diaspora Pod implementation, based on Wordpress. Technically it is a plugin (or set of plugins) which adds Diaspora Pod functionality to your Wordpress blog.

Why are we building it?

Diaspora is a new way of social networking. It is decentralized, and everybody can own his/her own data. Diaspora is built on 'Ruby on Rails', which is a nice framework, but I think, the world needs a PHP based solution. (It is easier to find a hosting provider, and many people are more familiar to PHP than Ruby.)

Why is it built on Wordpress?

Wordpress is one of the most popular web frameworks of the world. Many people use and like it. Wordpress has a good posting, user management and plugin system, which is a perfect base for a Diaspora Pod.


The project will be available on GitHub licensed under the GPL. Everybody can use it, fork it, extend it directly or through the Wordpress plugin system.

Project page:

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