Run cucumber/gherkin-syntaxed specs with
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sawasawasawa and lgandecki Add tags support (#100)
* Add basic tags support

* Add cucumber-tag-expressions package

* Remove unused code

* Add basic tests for tags implementation

* Refactor tags_implementation step

* Refactor TagsImplemetation.feature

* Lint

* Fix logic - enable running scenarios with no tags while the feature is tagged and there is a tagged scenario present

* Add tests to check whether appropriate tests are run with cypress env TAGS present

* Let tests pass when the env TAGS is not set

* Improve eslint commments, make error message more explicit

* Update package.lock using 6.4.1

* Handle eslint warnings

* Update with tags description

* Rename proceedCurrentStep to shouldProceedCurrentStep, fix tests

* Add simple test for using 'this' object in step definitions

* Install husky and lint-staged, set up pre-commit hook

* Fix lint-staged

* Requested tweaks

* 1.6.0 - added tagging tests
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Run cucumber/gherkin-syntaxed specs with

Please take a look at an example here:

Important steps:


Install this plugin:

npm install --save-dev cypress-cucumber-preprocessor

Step definitions

Put your step definitions in cypress/support/step_definitions

Examples: cypress/support/step_definitions/google.js

/* global Given */
// you can have external state, and also require things!
const url = ''

Given('I open Google page', () => {


/* global Then */
Then(`I see {string} in the title`, (title) => {
  cy.title().should('include', title)

Since Given/When/Then are on global scope please use

/* global Given, When, Then */

to make IDE/linter happy

We had a pattern to import those explicitly, but for some reason it was messing up the watch mode on Linux :-( (#10)

Sharing context

You can share context between step definitions using alias.


given('I go to the add new item page', () => {

when('I add a new item', () => { 
  cy.get('@addNewItemInput').type('My item');

then('I see new item added', () => {
  cy.get('td:contains("My item")');

then('I can add another item', () => {

For more information please visit:

Spec/Feature files

Your feature file in cypress/integration:

Example: cypress/integration/Facebook.feature

Feature: The Facebook

  I want to open a social network page

  Scenario: Opening a social network page
    Given I open Facebook page
    Then I see "Facebook" in the title

Tagging tests

You can use tags to select which test should run using cucumber's tag expressions. Keep in mind we are using newer syntax, eg. 'not @foo and (@bar or @zap)'. In order to initialize tests using tags you will have to run cypress and pass TAGS environment variable.

Example: cypress run -e TAGS='not @foo and (@bar or @zap)'


Add it to your plugins:


const cucumber = require('cypress-cucumber-preprocessor').default
module.exports = (on, config) => {
  on('file:preprocessor', cucumber())

Step definition files are by default in: cypress/support/step_definitions. If you want to put them somewhere please use cosmiconfig format. For example, add to your package.json :

  "cypress-cucumber-preprocessor": {
    "step_definitions": "cypress/support/step_definitions/"


Run your cypress the way you would normally do :) click on a .feature file on the list of specs, and see the magic happening!

Cucumber Expressions

We use to parse your .feature file, please use that document as your reference


Install all dependencies:

npm install

Link the package:

npm link 
npm link cypress-cucumber-preprocessor

Run tests:

npm test


Please let me know if you find any issues or have suggestions for improvements.

Custom Parameter Type Resolves

Thanks to @Oltodo we can know use Custom Parameter Type Resolves. Here is an example with related .feature file

WebStorm Support

If you want WebStorm to resolve your steps, use the capitalized Given/When/Then function names (instead of the initial given/when/then). Unfortunately, at this point WebStorm only understands regexp syntax:

Given(/^user navigated to the Start page?/, () => { });

Or a backtick syntax but without Cucumber Expressions :-(. In other words, this works:

Given(`user navigated to the start page`, () => { });
Then(/(.*?) is chosen/, choice => {})

But this doesn't:

Then(`{word} is chosen`, choice => {})

(See #56)


If you want to use TypeScript put this in your plugins/index.js:

const cucumber = require("cypress-cucumber-preprocessor").default;
const browserify = require("@cypress/browserify-preprocessor");

module.exports = (on) => {
  const options = browserify.defaultOptions;

  // Or, if you need a custom tsconfig.json for your test files:
  // options.browserifyOptions.plugin.unshift(['tsify', {project: 'path/to/other/tsconfig.json'}]);
  on("file:preprocessor", cucumber(options));

...and install tsify. I'm assuming you already have typescript installed. :-)

npm install tsify

Then in your .ts files you need to make sure you either require/import the functions defining step definitions, or declare them as global:

declare const Given, When, Then;
// OR
const {given, when, then} = require('cypress-cucumber-preprocessor/resolveStepDefinition')


(Maybe?) Option to customize mocha template ( #3 )

Credit where it's due!

Based/inspired on great work on , although, with this package we don't have to run cypress programmatically - with an external runner, we can use cypress as we are used to :)

Thanks to the Cypress team for the fantastic work and very exciting tool! :-)

Thanks to @fcurella for fantastic work with making the preprocessor reactive to file changes. :-)