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Auto Enchanter

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Energy Networks

This Machine runs on Energy, so the following article requires you to have decent knowledge about Energy Networks before reading any further.


The Auto Enchanter is a machine that is used to apply Enchantments via Enchanted Books onto Slimefun Items. The amount of enchantments on the enchanted books determines the amount of time the item will take to enchant. Enchantments that do not work on items, (ex. Efficiency on a Sword), will be applied but won't take extra time. The machine will output the item and a normal book.

Energy Usage

The Auto-Enchanter has a buffer of 128 J

# of Enchantments J per sec Time Total
1 18 J/sec 1m 15s 1.35 kJ
2 18 J/sec 2m 30s 2.7 kJ
3 18 J/sec 3m 45s 4.05 kJ
4 18 J/sec 5m 00s 5.4 kJ
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