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Backpacks are a collection of utilities in which you can store items. When you initially open a Backpack, it gets assigned a UUID. The UUID's format is basically this:

(Player's UUID)#(Number of Player's backpack)

The Backpack's restrictions are that you cannot name them, and put backpacks into other backpacks, as that would be overpowered.

NOTE: When you open a backpack, you can NOT upgrade it anymore.

Small Backpack

The Small Backpack can store up to 9 stacks of items.


The Backpack is the normal sized backpack, being able to hold 18 stacks of items.

Large Backpack

The Large Backpack is basically a portable chest, holding 27 stacks of items (3 rows).

Woven Backpack

The Woven Backpack can hold up to 36 stacks of items.

Gilded Backpack

The Gilded Backpack is the biggest backpack one could make. It can hold a total amount of 45 stacks of items, or 5 rows.

Soulbound Backpack

The Soulbound Backpack (similar to the other soulbound items) is an item that you cannot loose on death. It functions just like a normal backpack, holding 36 stacks of items.

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