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Coal Generator

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Energy Networks

This Machine runs on Energy, so the following article requires you to have decent knowledge about Energy Networks before reading any further.


The Coal Generator is an Average Generator. Despite calling the machine a "Coal" Generator, the Coal Generator can use many types of fuels. The fuels that can be used also can be used in a vanilla furnace. Since Wooden Planks and Logs generate the same amount of power, it is recommended that you break logs into planks. Using a Sawmill will increase the amount of power generated per log.

Power Generation

Coal Generator has a 64 J Buffer

Fuel J per sec Time Total
Block of Coal 16 J/sec 1m 20s 1.28 kJ
Blaze Rod 16 J/sec 12s 192 J
Coal 16 J/sec 8s 128 J
Charcoal 16 J/sec 8s 128 J
Any Log 16 J/sec 1s 16 J
Any Wood Plank 16 J/sec 1s 16 J
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