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Enhanced Crafting Table

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Enhanced Crafting Table

The Enhanced Crafting Table is the most basic and essential Slimefun machine.


To build it, you simply need to place a crafting table above a dispenser, just like this:

To be sure that you have built it correctly, right click the crafting table. If you see a message saying "Sorry, I could not recognize this Pattern...", it means that you have built it correctly, and you can move on. Otherwise, please check the picture again to make sure you have built it correctly. Also make sure you are using a Dispenser. And not a Dropper...


When opening the page of an item in your Slimefun Guide, pay attention to the Recipe Type on the left side of the Recipe. If the Recipe Type says "Enhanced Crafting Table", it is crafted in this particular Machine. Open the dispener, and put the Items in the Pattern your Slimefun Guide shows you into the Dispenser. Then just right click the crafting table. If the materials you have put into the dispenser are a valid recipe, you will hear a note block sound, and the Item you wanted to craft can be found inside the dispenser. Example:

This recipe was used to create Electric Motors, a crafting component that is used in many machines. To make it, you require to have 6 Copper Ingots, and 1 Electromagnet. If I right click the crafting table and look in the dispenser again, the result should look like this:

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