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Radioactive Materials

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Radioactive Elements

There are currently 4 radioactive elements on Slimefun. Boosted Uranium, Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium. There are also 3 radioactive ingots, the Blistering Ingots. As in real life, these materials emit radiation, which can be deadly to the player without a Hazmat Suit Set.


Uranium can be used to craft Blistering Ingots, it can also be used in a Nuclear Reactor to generate power and will decay into Neptunium.

Neptunium & Plutonium

These radioactive elements can be obtained by waiting for others to decay. So far, the order goes like this: Uranium -> Neptunium -> Plutonium. Plutonium is also used in many end-game recipes.

Boosted Uranium

Boosted Uranium is an enhanced version of Uranium. It is crafted in a Pressure Chamber, by combining 1 Plutonium and 1 Uranium together. It's only use is in the Nuclear Reactor, which generates 200KJ more than standard Uranium.

Blistering Ingots

Blistering Ingots are end-game crafting components. It emits radiation, which can be deadly to a player without proper protection. A Blistering Ingot has 3 crafting stages.

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