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# Hazel
Hazel Engine

![Hazel](/Resources/Branding/Hazel_Logo_Text_Light_Square.png?raw=true "Hazel")

Hazel is primarily an early-stage interactive application and rendering engine for Windows. Currently not much is implemented, however (almost) everything inside this repository is being created within YouTube videos, found at [](

## Getting Started
Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 is recommended, Hazel is officially untested on other development environments whilst we focus on a Windows build.

You can clone the repository to a local destination using git:

`git clone --recursive`

Make sure that you do a `--recursive` clone to fetch all of the submodules!

## The Plan
The plan for Hazel is two-fold: to create a powerful 3D engine, but also to serve as an education tool for teaching game engine design and architecture. Because of this the development inside this repository is rather slow, since everything has to be taught and implemented on-camera. There is a much more advanced version of the engine in a private repository called `Hazel-dev`, accessible to supporters on [Patreon]( The plan for this project is to mostly take already implemented code from the `Hazel-dev` repository and integrate it into this one, done within videos and supported by explanations.

### Main features to come:
- Fast 2D rendering (UI, particles, sprites, etc.)
- High-fidelity Physically-Based 3D rendering (this will be expanded later, 2D to come first)
- Support for Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
- Native rendering API support (DirectX, Vulkan, Metal)
- Fully featured viewer and editor applications
- Fully scripted interaction and behavior
- Integrated 3rd party 2D and 3D physics engine
- Procedural terrain and world generation
- Artificial Intelligence
- Audio system
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