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#Märzwasser Repository

Git repository for the open literature website, Märzwasser. This repository contains all files unique to the blog and their history dating back to the orginal publication date.

  • You can view a history of our updates by clicking the "commits" link above.
  • You may browse versions of each particular file by clicking through the file tree above.
  • Our actual texts are all under /source/_posts/.

##Cite Stable Versions

Websites in general and blogs in particular are often unsuited for citation in texts striving to provide reliable references. This is chiefly because the content of a web-URL (to a blog post or wiki article) may be modified at any time without notice and often without ways to retrieve the previous version. The Märzwasser provides a high degree of reliability as a citable source by backing up and versioning its entire content.

While we recommend viewing our content through our website for the best reading experience; we encourage citation of fixed versions via links to our repository hosted on the reliable and stable GitHub service. In this way your citation links will remain accessible whatever happens to our website, and the content they point to will always be the same.