Integrated processing for exposure-bracketed images
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StackHDR is a script which helps you create HDR files from bracketed shots in one simple command. This script is based on the earlier (and as of 2012, unmaintained) script by Edu Perez.


####On Gentoo Linux and Derivatives:

StackHDR is available via Portage from the chymeric overlay as media-gfx/stackHDR. Just run the following command:

emerge media-gfx/stackHDR

If you are not yet using this overlay, it can be enabled with just two commands, as seen in the README.

####On all other Operating Systems:

For all other Linux distributions or operating systems, the script can also be run directly from its containing directory (and thus, needs only be downloaded from here):

git clone /your/stackHDR/directory
cd /your/stackHDR/directory
chmod +x

Please bear in mind that this will not pull in any dependencies, make sure you have already installed everything under the Dependencies section.


##Usage Run the script either as stackHDR (if installed globally), or as ./ from the containing folder:

stackHDR [-a -e -k -r -c -h] -d <directory-name> || <file-names>


stackHDR -f ~/path/to/your/pics/folder/DSC_1337.NEF -f ~/path/to/your/pics/folder/DSC_1933.NEF -f ~/path/to/your/pics/folder/DSC_2014.NEF -ae


	-d <directory-name>: The directory containing your files (will stack all RAW files therein).
	<file-names>: Specify your files directly. Files should be in the same directory.
	-a: Align images.
	-e: Use enfuse to fuse the images together.
	-k: Keep intermediately created files.
	-r: Remove original RAW files. DO NOT USE unless your files are backed up.
	-c: Clean all log files. Enabling this means you will be unable to debug.
	-h: Show this message.

Released under the GPLv3 license. Project led by Horea Christian (address all correspondence to: