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API Example

Example app exercising some of Climate's FieldView API.


  1. Install python 3.6+.
# if you use Mac OS X and brew, this can be done with:
brew install python3
  1. Make a virtual environment, activate it, and install dependencies.
python3 -m venv api-example
source api-example/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Set the following environment variables (or hardcode them in to the values provided to you by Climate:
export CLIMATE_API_ID="my-api-id"
export CLIMATE_API_SECRET="azbq56fpadhnt8oukoeani2a4w"
export CLIMATE_API_KEY="my-api-id-216b9875-0158-4142-1ab2-7c3bdbd6a2157"
export CLIMATE_API_SCOPES="openid fields:read imagery:write"

Regarding scopes - see the FieldView API technical documentation for more scopes and their corresponding endpoints (click the Authorize button in the swagger docs).

  1. When you're done running the example, deactivate the virtual environment with:

Running the web example

  1. Follow steps in Setup

  2. Start the server:

  1. Open a browser to localhost:8080/home


Copyright © 2018 The Climate Corporation