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AWSAccessKeyId and AWSSecretKey properties flipped in load-credentials #15

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A small typo in retrieving the credential properties.

@mlimotte mlimotte merged commit 5172f98 into TheClimateCorporation:master

Thanks for the patch, Troy. Looks straight forward enough. I'll merge. Would love to hear bout how you're using Lemur and how it works for you.


Hi Marc - I've just started investigating Lemur, but am really enjoying it so far. My goals have been to use lemur to spec/launch a couple of EMR jobs we have and also to see how you're using Clojure to integrate with the AWS SDK. I've done a lot of plain-old-java interfacing with the sdk, and am migrating to Clojure. We are currently using Storm and will soon be adding Cascalog, leveraging Clojure as much as possible. Thanks for the project!

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  1. +2 −2 src/main/clj/com/climate/services/aws/common.clj
4 src/main/clj/com/climate/services/aws/common.clj
@@ -50,8 +50,8 @@
" => " props)
; AWSSecretKey/AWSAccessKeyId -- this is the format used by AWS CloudWatch
; access_key/secret_key -- this format is for the s3cmd .s3cfg file
- {:access_id (or (get props "accessKey") (get props "AWSSecretKey") (get props "access_key"))
- :private_key (or (get props "secretKey") (get props "AWSAccessKeyId") (get props "secret_key"))
+ {:access_id (or (get props "accessKey") (get props "AWSAccessKeyId") (get props "access_key"))
+ :private_key (or (get props "secretKey") (get props "AWSSecretKey") (get props "secret_key"))
:keypair (get props "keypair")})))]
(when result (log/debug "Loaded aws-credentials" result))
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