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upstream merge and parse another error type from usps. #1

merged 32 commits into from Aug 3, 2012

5 participants

no0p commented Jul 26, 2012

merge upstream changes.

update error message extraction and success detection for new cryptic usps message about information not avaiable through this service.

jbrowning and others added some commits Jul 6, 2011
@jbrowning jbrowning Added carrier, delivered, exception, and exception_event properties t…
…o TrackingResponse. Modified the UPS tracking result parse to detect exceptions and the delivery status of the package.
@jbrowning jbrowning Added carrier_name attribute to tracking result, expanded tests for u…
…ps tracking
@jbrowning jbrowning Added status to tracking information 28f9ec1
@jbrowning jbrowning Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' dfba8f4
@jbrowning jbrowning Fixed adding destination info to last shipment event if UPS shipment …
…is delivered
Jeff Browning Added schedule_delivery_date to UPS 8384c5b
@jbrowning jbrowning Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of
  Update ShipmentPacker to cast item values
  Add ShipmentPacker class to handle packaging items
  Stricter parsing of delivery dates
  Add Location#to_xml
  update README again
  update README
  Fix Rails 3.1 deprecation warnings
  Add address_type= so address type can be changed
  FedEx: Pass Residential true unless localtion is commerial
  Remove lib/certs/cacerts.pem
  Fix Package#cents_from incorrectly converting from an inprecise Float to Integer
  Add Gemfile, use Bundler::GemHelper
  Remove active_merchant/common, and use active_utils

@jbrowning jbrowning added zip_plus_4 zip code formatting to Location 63a4670
@jbrowning jbrowning Added origin address to fedex tracking result 167a13b
@jbrowning jbrowning Added origin and destination tests to UPS a916e58
@jbrowning jbrowning Added destination robustness for abbreviated UPS Tracking responses. 0b0b560
@jbrowning jbrowning Disabled adding additional event location information for abbreviated…
… and delivered tracking results
@jbrowning jbrowning Surrounded origin_node with begin block 2dcebef
@jbrowning jbrowning Fixed case where the FedEx tracking response does not contain a Desti…
@jbrowning jbrowning removed zip_plus_4 e42308a
@jbrowning jbrowning Added UPS support for out_for_delivery status 4d9f4a5
@jbrowning jbrowning Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of
  We don't want to have ruby version specific dependencies
  Release v0.9.14
  No need to have a begin / end block anymore.
  We do not need to downcase, split and capitalize each word as titleize does this for us.
  Interpolation implicitly calls .to_s
  Add spacing in CanadaPost's service_name
  NZ Post: Add International API and switch to JSON
  Remove invalid CanadaPost test expectation
  Calculates UPS delivery date for rate estimates Closes #38
@jbrowning jbrowning Cleanup for upstream pull request. 6f64283
@jbrowning jbrowning cleanup and removal of debug code c963b9f
@jbrowning jbrowning Merge branches 'master' and 'better-status' into better-status
* master:
  cleanup and removal of debug code

* better-status:
@edward edward Fix typos in MIT license a28e593
@csaunders csaunders Deal with incorrect currency code being returned for Signapore
from the FedEx API
@csaunders csaunders Codereview fixes 78ded6d
@csaunders csaunders Merge branch 'master' of 89983d5
@csaunders csaunders Merge pull request #43 from jbrowning/better-status
Detailed shipment status information for UPS and FedEx
@csaunders csaunders Ruby 1.8.7 doesn't supported named matches, fixed that issue and
just use the old-school way of grabbing matches for the regex.
Denis Odorcic Have UPS calculate date range based off the business days they returned 3248f10
Denis Odorcic Add Timecop to mock time dependent tests 90e0ac9
Denis Odorcic Use utc in #timestamp_from_business_day and fix UPS delivery range test 6cb087d
Dan Buettner Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' c73cfa6
Dan Buettner Add carrier name to USPS tracking response d1ebb0f
@no0p no0p update error message extraction and success detection for new cryptic…
… usps message about information not avaiable through this service
@mperham mperham merged commit b8c7b3a into master Aug 3, 2012
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