Smartly log the active foreground window of the system to transparently capture usage analytics.
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Active Window Logger

A simple MS-Windows (VB 2015) app to smartly log the currently active foreground window of the system. It supports trimming the entry-log and exporting it as a csv file.

One of the ideas behind writing such an application is to develop a personal time/activity tracker back-end tool. The accompanying front-end tool - Active Window Parser allows one to analyse the csv file exported from Active Window Logger and prepare beautiful and insightful visualisations to highlight how time was spent on the PC. The results can be used to optimise for better focus and productivity.

Sample Screenshot

MVP Sample screenshot

Getting started

Here is the installer of the first MVP build :
setup.exe (verified on Windows7 x64).


Contents licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA.

Feel free to report a bug or feature request.

For changes/fixes/enhancements, send in a pull-request. For more details contact me here.