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Dahie commented Feb 6, 2011

While setting up regulate on my development environment work without flaws, I get the following problem on my production environment: ruby1.9.2-linux Debian Lenny
Git is installed on the machine with version
The required gems are installed, including grit.

When in the method Regulate::Admin::PagesController#create, the action is stopped with an NoMethodError (undefined method 'put_raw_object' for nil:NilClass)

Here is the full stacktrace: https://gist.github.com/813244

I checked on several potential reasons, including path permissions, but failed to find a reason for the problem.
I opened up the rails-console and tried initializing a repository manually with grit, which worked fine. However regulate fails to use it.

Can you help me?


cookrn commented Feb 8, 2011

I'll check this out on 1.9.2 and let you know what comes up. Thanks!

Dahie commented Feb 12, 2011

Working my way through the source code, my guess is that something fails in the lib/regulate/engine.rb in the config initialization that prohibits the initialization of the Regulate.repo. Unfortunately, I don't know how to debug this effectively, let alone under production conditions, as this is only on the production server.

Dahie commented Feb 28, 2011

Have you had a chance to look at this? For me this is a killer right now. :(

deric commented Jan 23, 2013

I had a same issue, when the git repository was an empty one (at no branch)

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