Assets 8
Spell Options:
    type: blocktype(string)
    relative-offset: relativeOffset(x,y,z)
    spell: spell casted when a new wave forms(string)
    spell-on-end: requires remove-previous-blocks to be set to false, casts it when all block waves are gone(string)
    spell-on-wave-remove: requires remove-previous-blocks to be set to true, casts on the previous removed wave(string)
    radius: radius of the nova(int)
    start-radius: start radius of the nova(int)
    height-per-tick: height per new wave(int)
    expand-interval: interval between forming a new wave(int)
    expanding-radius-change: how big should each wave be, in blocks(int)
    visible-range: visible range of the nova(double)
    point-blank: point blank(boolean)
    circle-shape: whether the nova should be a circle or a square(boolean)
    remove-previous-blocks: whether it should remove the previous wave of blocks(boolean)