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Before a player can cast a spell, they must already know it. There are several ways a player can learn a spell:

  • Taught with the /c teach
  • Learned from a spellbook
  • Learned from a tome
  • Gained from a grant permission
  • Purchased from a shop
  • Having the wildcard permission "*" which will give the player access to all spells

Once a player has learned a spell, they will have the ability to use /cast (spell name) to cast it with a command or they can cast it with the item it is bound to by default. If cast items have multiple spells, players can right click to cycle through all the spells bound to the item and left click to cast the current spell selected.

If the player does not have the required reagents for the spell, or it has been cast recently, it will not be able to be cast until they have the reagents and/or the cooldown is over.

If mana is enabled, the player can use the /mana command to see how much mana they currently have. Mana can also be configured so it is displayed on the experience bar.

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