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V1.1 Download = This is a Project I have been working on I call it PITT or Public Intelligence Tool,

It is based on The Iron Web browser, and I have loaded with tons of links and extension for doing Open Source Intelligence Gathering. I Did not write the Browser it is a open source version of Google Chrome developed by SRWare located here

I know and understand there are many other tools online like this one online, but I have found they are not updated much and can take a long time to update by only one person. My Idea for this tool is that it can will updated regularly and by everyday users. I hope that from everyones use and in put we can together make this a powerfull and usefull tool.

it is currently being beta tested by friends and I dont want to upload it unless i know it works

Hope to be able to Update it and everyone else soon

I need to Add the CYA part "Cover Your Ass" You Do Not Have My Permission to use this tool for malicious uses, I will not be held accountable or responsible for anything you do or how ever you missuse with this tool or who you use it. If you use this tool you must give credit to me such as I have given to SRWare. This Tool is intended for Professional use and Educational use only. Only use this tool with full permision of the person or company you are searching

With Grate Power Comes Grate Repsonsibilities, and this tool is no exspection there is alot of powerfull featuers that can effect many people if used and missused.


"Dont Pull A Quinton"

UPDATE 1: It has come to my atention that a Virus Tottal Scan has come back with 2 flags both where for trojans that are not in this tool, I have researched this issue and found that it is got todo with the browser estenshions I Have installed that are used for WebPage modification.

UPDATE 1.5: Browser is now 100% portable, so it can be put on a usb drive and carried with you where ever it is needed, No need to install any files or programs


Public Intelligence Tool for ONSIT Work







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