TB6612FNG H-Bridge control library with fader
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Advanced Arduino H-Bridge control library

This is an Arduino library for the Toshiba TB6612FNG DC motor driver


  • Adjustable fader for smooth speed changes
  • brake active or not in neutral mode
  • selectable input signal range (e.g. 0 - 100, 0 - 1023, -255 - 255 etc.)
  • selectable neutral position width. This allows you to optimize it for your joystick
  • the motor rotation direction is reversible in software, so you don't have to switch your motor wires, if the direction is reversed
  • The end-speed is adjustable during runtime. This allows you to simulate different gear ratios
  • drive function returns true while driving or false while in neutral
  • brakeActive function returns true, while the vehicle is getting slower. Used to control brake lights
  • Backlash compensation for self balancing applications

New in V 1.1:

  • Pin configuration moved to begin() function. This change was necessary due to new requirements in my new "Micro RC Receiver" V1.7 software revision
  • If you've used the previous version in a project, you will have to change the pin configuration in accordance with the provided example. The archived V1.0 is enclosed and will not be maintained anymore.

New in V1.2:

  • minPWM input variable added to the drive() function. Allows to eliminate the backlash in self balancing applications
  • IMPORTANT!! You have to add this new input variable to your existing sketches! Ohtherwise it will not compile.


See example.

(c) 2016 - 2017 TheDIYGuy999