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Creates easy-to-use API endpoints for receiving contacts from external sources.

Designed for use by performance marketers who enhance/exchange contacts in mass quantities. Can optionally be used in tandem with it's sibling Mautic Contact Client to discern real-time acceptance criteria with external clients.

Installation & Usage

Choose a release that matches your version of Mautic.

Mautic version Installation
2.12.x composer require thedmsgroup/mautic-contact-source-bundle "^2.12"
2.14.x composer require thedmsgroup/mautic-contact-source-bundle "^2.14"
2.15.x composer require thedmsgroup/mautic-contact-source-bundle "^2.15"
  1. Install by running the command above or by downloading the appropriate version and unpacking the contents into a folder named /plugins/MauticContactSourceBundle
  2. Go to /s/plugins/reload
  3. After a refresh you will find "Sources" in the main menu, you can dive in and create your first one.


By default your third parties can POST contacts to urls matching this pattern:


Uses these fine libraries:


  • Campaigns: A whitelist of campaigns can be selected for the third party to post into.
  • Campaign Caps: Limit the number of contacts accepted to a campaign within defined time frames.
  • Campaign Finance: Track the cost/revenue of contacts upon ingestion per campaign.
  • Campaign Scrub: Support an optional scrub-rate per campaign which affects the cost/revenue.
  • Caps: Rules to limit the quantity of successful contacts can be received.
  • Logging: Log statistics on contact ingestion, provide charts when viewing a source in the UI.
  • Self-Documentation: Each source (API) generates a public documentation page for a third party (optional).
  • Imports: Allows you to assign an import to a Source and Campaign destination.


  • Campaign Required Fields: The fields being used within a campaign should percolate upward to the Source, updating required fields.
  • Notifications: Third parties should be notified when their API changes (such as an added campaign or required field change).
  • Batch Support: Import multiple contacts at once for improved performance.