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marketing cost by Iris Li from the Noun Project

Pulls cost data from media advertising services for campaign correlation. Currently fills a table called media_account_stats with this data for use by other plugins.

Installation & Usage

Currently being used with Mautic 2.15.x. If you have success/issues with other versions please report.

  1. Install by running composer require thedmsgroup/mautic-media-bundle
  2. Go to /s/plugins/reload
  3. Click "Media" and enable the plugin.
  4. The "Media" menu item will show up on the left, go there and create your first Media Account.

Providers Supported/Planned

  • Facebook Ads - Supported. You need to configure your own Facebook App via the developer portal to get API credentials.
  • Google Ads - Supported. You need to get your oauth tokens manually.
  • Snapchat Ads - Supported, with oauth login.
  • Bing Ads - Supported, with oauth login.
  • Media Alpha Ads - TBD

Cron task

Pull/update the last 24 hours of data, every hour:

0 * * * * php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:media:pull