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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This is the entrypoint to the testing system, written for Baystation12 and
# inspired by Rust's configure system
# The tests are split up into groups by the `case` at the bottom, and the
# group(s) to run are selected by the TEST environment variable. Right now,
# there are 4 test groups:
# - ALL: Run all tests
# - CODE: Run code quality checks
# - WEB: Run tgui tests
# - MAP: Run map tests (notably, only this one compiles!)
# Additionally, the MAP group requires an additional environent variable,
# MAP_PATH, to be set. This variable is passed to the compiler to indicate which
# map to test. You will want to configure CI to run each of these passes, and
# run MAP several times with MAP_PATH set to each map that should be tested.
# The general structure of the test execution is as follows:
# - find_code: Look for the project root directory and fail fast if
# it can't be found. Assumes that it is in . or ..;
# custom locations can be specified in CODEPATH
# environment variable.
# - run_configured_tests: Evaluate TEST variable, call into appropriate test
# runner function.
# - run_all_tests: Run every test group in sequence.
# - run_xxx_tests: Run the tests for $xxx, doing any necessary setup
# first, including calling find_xxx_deps.
# - find_xxx_deps: Using need_cmd, ensure that programs needed to run
# tests that are part of $xxx are available.
# - need_cmd: Checks availability of command passed as the single
# argument. Fails fast if it's not available.
# - err: Prints arguments as text, exits indicating failure.
# - warn: Prints arguments as text, indicating a warning
# condition.
# - msg: Used by all printing, formats text nicely.
# - run_test: Runs a test. The first argument is the friendly name
# of the test. The remaining arguments are the shell
# command(s) to run. If a test fails, a global counter
# is incremented and a warning is emitted.
# - run_test_fail: Exactly as run_test, but considers failure of the
# command to be a successful test.
# - run_test_ci: Gates run_test to only run test when being run on a
# CI platform. This is used to gate tests that are
# destructive in some manner.
# - exec_test: Called by run_test{,fail}, actually executes the
# test and returns its resulti.
# - check_fail: Called at the end of the run, prints final report
# and sets exit status appropriately.
# !!!!!!!! Instructions for adding tests:
# In general, if you want to add a test, it will probably belong to one of the
# groups that already exists. Add it to the relevant run_xxx_tests function, and
# if it introduces any new dependencies, add them to the check_xxx_deps
# function. Some dependencies are guaranteed to be on CI platforms by outside
# means (like .travis.yml), others will need to be installed by this script.
# You'll see plenty of examples of checking for CI and gating tests on that,
# installing instead of checking when running on CI.
# If you are *SURE* you need to add a new test group, you'll want to add it
# first to the case at the end of the file, and then add the run_xxx_tests and
# find_xxx_deps for it, adding things to them as appropriate. Importantly, make
# sure to also call run_xxx_tests from run_all_tests. Make sure also to call
# your find_xxx_deps from run_xxx_tests.
# Good luck!
# - xales
# Global counter of failed tests
# List of names of failed tests
# Global counter of passed tests
# Version of Node to install for tgui
function msg {
echo -e "\t\e[34mtest\e[0m: $*"
function msg_bad {
echo -e "\e[31m$*\e[0m"
function msg_good {
echo -e "\e[32m$*\e[0m"
function msg_meh {
echo -e "\e[33m$*\e[0m"
function warn {
msg_meh "WARNING: $*"
function err {
msg_bad "error: $*"
exit 1
function fail {
warn "test \"$1\" failed: $2"
function need_cmd {
if command -v $1 >/dev/null 2>&1
then msg "found '$1'"
else err "program '$1' is missing, please install it"
function run_test {
msg "running \"$1\""
exec_test "$*"
if [[ ret -ne 0 ]]
then fail "$name" $ret
else ((PASSED++))
function run_test_fail {
msg "running(fail) \"$1\""
exec_test "$*"
if [[ ret -eq 0 ]]
then fail "$name" $ret
else ((PASSED++))
function run_test_ci {
if [[ "$CI" == "true" ]]
then run_test "$@"
else msg_meh "skipping \"$1\""
function check_fail {
if [[ $FAILED -ne 0 ]]; then
for t in "${FAILED_BYNAME[@]}"; do
msg_bad "TEST FAILED: \"$t\""
err "$FAILED tests failed"
else msg_good "$PASSED tests passed"
function exec_test {
eval "$*"
return $ret
function find_code_deps {
need_cmd grep
need_cmd awk
need_cmd md5sum
need_cmd python2
need_cmd python3
need_cmd pip
function find_web_deps {
need_cmd npm
[[ "$CI" != "true" ]] && need_cmd gulp
function find_byond_deps {
[[ "$CI" != "true" ]] && need_cmd DreamDaemon
function find_code {
if [[ -z ${CODEPATH+x} ]]; then
if [[ -d ./code ]]
else if [[ -d ../code ]]
then CODEPATH=..
if [[ ! -d ./code ]]
then err "invalid CODEPATH: $PWD"
else msg "found code at $PWD"
function run_code_tests {
msg "*** running code tests ***"
pip install --user PyYaml -q
pip install --user beautifulsoup4 -q
shopt -s globstar
run_test "check travis contains all maps" "scripts/"
run_test_fail "maps contain no step_[xy]" "grep 'step_[xy]' maps/**/*.dmm"
run_test_fail "ensure nanoui templates unique" "find nano/templates/ -type f -exec md5sum {} + | sort | uniq -D -w 32 | grep nano"
run_test_fail "no invalid spans" "grep -En \"<\s*span\s+class\s*=\s*('[^'>]+|[^'>]+')\s*>\" **/*.dm"
run_test "code quality checks" "test/"
run_test "indentation check" "awk -f tools/indentation.awk **/*.dm"
run_test "check changelog example unchanged" "md5sum -c - <<< '79e058ac02ed52aad99a489ab4c8f75b *html/changelogs/example.yml'"
run_test "check tags" "python2 tools/TagMatcher/ ."
run_test "check color hex" "python3 tools/ColorHexChecker/ ."
run_test "check punctuation" "python2 tools/PunctuationChecker/ ."
run_test "check icon state limit" "python2 tools/dmitool/ ."
run_test_ci "check changelog builds" "python2 tools/GenerateChangelog/ html/changelog.html html/changelogs"
function run_web_tests {
msg "*** running web tests ***"
msg "installing web tools"
if [[ "$CI" == "true" ]]; then
rm -rf ~/.nvm && git clone ~/.nvm && (cd ~/.nvm && git checkout `git describe --abbrev=0 --tags`) && source ~/.nvm/ && nvm install $NODE_VERSION
npm install --no-spin -g gulp-cli
msg "installing node modules"
cd tgui && npm install --no-spin && cd ..
run_test "check tgui builds" "cd tgui && gulp; cd .."
function run_byond_tests {
msg "*** running map tests ***"
if [[ -z "${MAP_PATH+x}" ]]
then exit 1
else msg "configured map is '$MAP_PATH'"
cp config/example/* config/
if [[ "$CI" == "true" ]]; then
msg "installing BYOND"
./ || exit 1
source $HOME/BYOND-${BYOND_MAJOR}.${BYOND_MINOR}/byond/bin/byondsetup
run_test_ci "check globals build" "python3 tools/GenerateGlobalVarAccess/ baystation12.dme code/_helpers/"
run_test "check globals unchanged" "md5sum -c - <<< 'b445c4e6b4cf9d2905c5e9b95b16d085 *code/_helpers/'"
run_test "build map unit tests" "scripts/ -DUNIT_TEST -M$MAP_PATH baystation12.dme"
run_test "check no warnings in build" "grep ', 0 warnings' build_log.txt"
run_test "run unit tests" "DreamDaemon baystation12.dmb -invisible -trusted -core 2>&1 | tee log.txt"
run_test "check tests passed" "grep 'All Unit Tests Passed' log.txt"
run_test "check no runtimes" "grep 'Caught 0 Runtimes' log.txt"
run_test_fail "check no runtimes 2" "grep 'runtime error:' log.txt"
run_test_fail "check no scheduler failures" "grep 'Process scheduler caught exception processing' log.txt"
run_test_fail "check no warnings" "grep 'WARNING:' log.txt"
run_test_fail "check no failures" "grep 'ERROR:' log.txt"
function run_all_tests {
function run_configured_tests {
if [[ -z ${TEST+z} ]]; then
msg_bad "You must provide TEST in environment; valid options ALL,MAP,WEB,CODE"
msg_meh "Note: map tests require MAP_PATH set"
exit 1
case $TEST in
fail "invalid option for \$TEST: '$TEST'"
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