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Self-contained photo gallery manager for your external hard drive via Raspberry Pi
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Go Photobox

Go Photobox is a self-contained photo gallery manager designed to run on a Raspberry Pi as a front-end to an external hard drive.

Ok, maybe that was a mouthful. Let's start with the basics.

Who is this useful for? Go Photobox might be helpful if you:

  • Know you could use Dropbox, Google Drive, or Flickr, but like the idea of having your photos on a hard drive you own
  • Don't really enjoy messing with cables, formats, and looking for your hard drive every time you need to manage your photos
  • Don't mind "some assembly required" projects for your home

Why Go?

Go offers a couple really attractive advantages:

  • The ability to create fast, self-contained programs
  • The ability to compile for other targets

In addition, Go is really great for writing systems-level applications as well as small web API servers.

I have been really excited about learning Go for a long time, so while there are clear competitors and replacements in this space, this is a great learning opportunity to explore:

  • Building web applications in Go
  • Go as a means to make more use of small hardware, like the Raspberry Pi

Why Raspberry Pi?

Small hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, and Arduino offer great opportunities to hobbyists and home hackers.

Because Raspberry Pi offers the power of a computer with low power consumption, it seems like a great choice for home automation projects.

Installing and Running

More to write later! This project is still in development.

The general overview will look something like this:

  • Gather required materials
    • A Raspberry Pi
    • An external USB hard drive
    • A powered USB hub
  • Connect Raspberry Pi and the external drive to the USB hub and power everything up
  • Connect to your Raspberry Pi and configure it to:
    • Access your home network via Wifi or Ethernet
    • Mount and connect to your external drive
  • Deploy Go Photobox to the hard drive and start it up
  • Configure your home computers to point to Go Photobox over the network and enjoy!


Fork this project and clone to your computer. The project is broken up into the back-end and front-end concerns since the development approaches for each are quite different.

Web App

All front-end code lives in the webapp directory and is organized as a self-contained JavaScript single-page application.

More information for working on the web app can be found in the README for the web app.

Server and API

All API and file system handling is performed in main.go. Until routes get more complicated, we basically have two main areas of concern:

  • File server mounted at /
  • Photos file server mounted at /photos