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These are suggestions and reports from the Freethinkers for the Freethinkers, so all concerns go here.


Here's what each label means.


EXTREMELY URGENT PRIORITY: All those who CAN work on an issue of this magnitude MUST focus their efforts here. These are things that make the entire organization defunct and no other issue can even be of consequence until this is solved. For example, not having a Faculty Sponsor for the group, which would dissolve the organization.

HIGH PRIORITY: If choosing between allocating resources to solving a HIGH PRIORITY issue and a MEDIUM PRIORITY issue, resources should go to solving the HIGH PRIORITY issue, but both MEDIUM and HIGH PRIORITY issues are meant to be focused on to be solved as soon as possible.

MEDIUM PRIORITY: Should be solved as soon as possible without obstructing any HIGH PRIORITY solution efforts.

LOW PRIORITY: If there are no other issues remaining, work on LOW PRIORITY issues.

NO PRIORITY: Priority not yet assigned, please read and evaluate priority.


DUPLICATE: To be closed or is closed because the issue is already addressed in another report.

WONTFIX: This is something we do not plan to change.

WORKING: Someone is working to fix this right now. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a bug or suggestion, it could be something on the todo list, like an upcoming event.

SOLVED: We solved the issue.


BUG: Reporting something wrong or something that should be improved.

SUGGESTION: A solution or idea for solving a problem or improving something in the organization.

ORGANIZATION: These are issues that affect the structure of the organization.

SITE: These are issues with one of the online parts of the organization, such as the FB Group page, the main site, or the statistics blog by Cave.

QUESTION: Rather than an issue, someone is just confused. Poor guy.

CONSTITUTION: Regards the Constitution.

To see what we're currently working on: