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; To run:
; (require :cl-gitinterface)
; (in-package :cl-gitinterface)
; (load "/this/path/cl-gitinterface-test.lisp")
; (run-tests)
;(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel
; :execute) (require :cl-gitinterface) (require :sb-posix) (require :lisp-unit))
(in-package :cl-git-test)
(defvar *cmd-cur* "")
(defvar *cmd-mode* "error")
;Stub out the get-from-shell function, since we want to test through the use of errors.
;(defun cl-gitinterface::get-from-shell (stream)
; (declare (ignore stream))
; (format t "in new git-from-shell: ~a~%" *cmd-cur*)
; (let ((retvar ""))
; (cond
; ((eql *cmd-cur* "pull")
; (setf retvar "repository clean!")))
; retvar))
;Stub out the run-base-sh from the original function, so it just returns 2 basic streams.
;(defun cl-gitinterface::run-base-sh ()
; (multiple-value-bind (in out) (sb-posix:pipe)
; (let ((input (sb-sys:make-fd-stream in
; :input t
; :external-format :ascii
; :buffering :none :name "in"))
; (output (sb-sys:make-fd-stream out
; :output t
; :external-format :ascii
; :buffering :none :name "out")))
; (values output input))))
;;;;;;;;; TESTS ;;;;;;;;;;
;Define the failure messages
(macrolet ((def-build-base-exception-checks ()
,@(loop for k in (list
:status) collect
`(define-test ,(format nil "test-git-~A-condition-~A" (symbol-name k) "failure")
(assert-error (intern ,(format nil "GIT-~A-ERROR" (symbol-name k)) :cl-git)
(error (intern ,(format nil "GIT-~A-ERROR" (symbol-name k)) :cl-git))))))
;Tests to define a command, and ensure that the record is in the correct area.
(define-test "define-git-test-command"
(let ((testcmd :test))
(assert-true (cl-git::define-git-command testcmd))
(assert-eql testcmd (first cl-git::*git-commands*))
(assert-error (intern (format nil "GIT-~A-ERROR" (symbol-name testcmd)) :cl-git) (error (intern (format nil "GIT-~A-ERROR" (symbol-name testcmd)) :cl-git)))))
(define-test "test-probe-stream"
(let ((x (make-string-input-stream "test-probe-stream succeed"))
(y (make-string-input-stream "")))
(assert-eql t (cl-git::probe-stream x))
(assert-error (intern "BREAK-LIMIT-REACHED" :cl-git)
(cl-git::probe-stream y 1))))
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