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My AutoIt Stuff

I have made several tickets in AutoIt's Bug Tracker.


User Defined Functions

StringTrimLeftUntil & StringTrimRightUntil - Does what it says

StringLeftUntil & StringRightUntil - Does what it says

CalcPercent - Clean calculations

ArraySplit - Simply put, Converts an 1D Array to an 2D Array based on Delimiters (See the example if you want to know what it does clearly)

IsMgcNumPresent - Checks if a number is a present in a number (Magic numbers aka Powers of 2)

IniReadWrite - Wrapper for IniRead. Writes the "default" value to the Ini file if the key does not exist! Very useful to generate config.ini by just replacing IniRead with IniReadWrite

_IEWaitForTagText - Waits for a HTML tag to appear with the specified text

ConvertTime12To24 - Converts 12 hour time to 24 hour time, made while keeping _DateDiff's format in mind :)

IsWindowNotResponding - Programatically check for "This window is not responding" in AutoIt

InteractiveCoordinateSelect - Lets the user interactively select a point on the screen

Code Examples


Process UDF - Get both the output & the exit code of a command with a single line of code.

Experimental Maps UDF - UDF for Maps (the new alpha datatype)

TheDcoder's IRC UDF - Full compliance with IRCv3.1

_Translate - Simple translation library/UDF for AutoIt


DcoderBot - IRC Bot Base for AutoIt

Magic Number Calculator - (Discontinued) Converts magic numbers to constants.


History of AutoIt - as a timeline.

Arrays 101: All you need to know about them! - A nice documentation of the Array datatype in AutoIt.

Maps 101: All you need to know about them! - A nice documentation of the Map (currently in development) datatype in AutoIt.

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