Interactive map of restaurants in Sydney that have food penalties
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BadFood shows a map of restaurants in Sydney that have been given a penalty from The Department of Primary Industries Food Authority, specifically from this public penalty notice list.

Data is scraped using a spider with python's scrapy and stored in a remote mongodb and served as a NodeJs+Express+EJS server on Heroku.


Python's scrapy: pip install scrapy

Node: nvm install && npm install


Crawl the data and output it as JSON, run the spider: scrapy runspider -o output.json

Import the data to a remote host:

mongoimport -h mongohost -d dbname -c collection -u username -p password --file output.json --jsonArray

Export the google maps API URL (Including the key) as an environment variable (or as a config var on Heroku):

export APIKEY=""

and similarly the mongodb url, for example with mlab:

export MONGOURL=mongodb://


  • Pull requests are accepted.
  • Thanks to Deedee lee for the BadFood emoji logo