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A multifunctional discord.js bot (now with dashboard)
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Amigo Bot

Amigo is a Discord bot created for the Discord server The Fur Retreat.

Discord Bots


  1. Install the latest version of node.js.
  2. Install RethinkDB server, instructions can be found here and create a Database with the name Amigo.
  3. Make sure all dependencies are installed by running the command npm install
  4. Change config.json.example to config.json and insert the bot token, the Bot Owner's ID and the Discord webhook logging link.
  5. Use npm start to run the bot. (pm2 Docs)
Note: If the database init doesn't work, try making the tables named 'guilds' and 'punishments' under the Database in localhost:8080. If this doesn't work, join the support server found on the website

Invite the bot!

We have a hosted version of the bot and dashboard which you can view here.

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