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WIPSTER on Django (Alpha)

A rebuild of WIPSTER from the ground-up in a modular, cleaner, faster, and leaner manner, utilizing the Django framework.

This is completely in its alpha stages, but the raw base functionality currently works.


  • Install Django
  • Customize ./sanalysis/settings.py with your personal settings
  • Run this from the /wipster/ base directory:
python manage.py runserver 
  • Point your browser to :8000/sanalysis, and you're off and running.

To-Do List:

  • Main landing page
  • Yara integration
  • Post-rtfobj.py strings automation
  • Twitter marquee
  • Pastebin-checker
  • URL-Checking Tools app
  • Auto-web-search for indicators

Possibly later on:

  • Anubis/Malwr integration?
  • Shodan integration?
  • ThreatExpert integration?

Known bugs:

  • Uploading more than one sample at a time can cause a database lock error
  • Uploading filenames with UTF-8 characters causes an error

(C) Nick Driver - @TheDr1ver - 2016