My 1st place Battlecode 2015 player ("the other team")
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This is my code for my Battlecode 2015 entry as "the other team." My final bot is in teams/zephyr26_final and won the main tournament.

My submission to the Bloomberg tournament is in teams/bloomberg and won the Bloomberg pathfinding prize.


Pathfinding: Launchers used a breadth-first search for pathfinding. The BFS was computed in a distributed fashion by my miners using spare bytecodes, and is implemented in As a fallback there's a bug algorithm implemented in Everything besides launchers used the bug nav.

Launchers: Launcher/missile micro is in,, and

Commander: Commander micro is in

Strategy: Overall strategy, including build order, is implemented in

Supply: My supply distribution system is implemented in, including a resupply drone to ferry supply from the HQ to hungry bots.

Mining: Mining is implemented in

Map analysis: After the seeding tournament I wrote to detect maps like frontlines.xml where there is a large amount of ore completely protected by allied towers. On such maps I would skip building a commander and just build launchers. Unfortunately the qualifying and final tournaments had zero such maps so the code was entirely useless :(

Unused code,, and are unused in my final bot and are just left over from previous versions.

Other versions

My sprint bot is in teams/sprint5_breakties. My seeding bot is in teams/seeding. The rest of the folders in teams/ are various intermediate or testing versions.

Other Battlecode 2015 repositories