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v3 0 2
MCprep was used and improved as a part of this Minecraft parody song

New in this (3.0.2) release:

  • Added brand new feature: Meshswap block spawning!
    • You can now directly append meshswap groups into your scene from either the Shift-A menu, or the spawner panel
    • Currently only works on groups in the meshswap blend file, but you can change it to be any of your own custom files or add your own groups to that file.
    • Future versions will expand blocks available significantly.
    • Automatically can snap blocks to grid and auto prep materials (into cycles format or BI)
    • Demo link available here
  • Last version claimed compatibility improvement - this one actually makes it work properly for everyone. Enjoy your blending down to 2.72, for real this time!
  • Changed the default behavior of prep materials to not automatically consolidate materials, which was causing individuals to accidentally combine skins swapped.
    • If you find you have duplicate materials lying around, press combine materials button directly instead.
  • Updates to the updater code which had some installation issues previously and problems where it would continue to notify of an update even after the update was installed manually.
  • New popup layout for meshswapping, putting details in a dialog instead of cluttering the panel.
    • Not sure what everything does? Don't worry - the default behavior does the same as what the button did in previous releases.
    • Removed the now unnecessary settings options under the MCprep main panel. This includes removing options like mcprep_use_lib (for setting initially to link groups or not) and the append layer setting, now in the new popup UI instead
  • Fixed "remove mob" operator for mob spawning, wasn't working before. Also warns you if the file you're trying to delete will also remove other mobs (in case the one file has multiple mobs inside as in some rig packs)
  • Removed the "jmc works best" lingo as both Mineways and jmc2obj can effectively be configured to work as well (be sure to see the diagram of optimal settings for both)
  • Removed the "quick 10x10x10 upscale" button that was made to accommodate mineways, as most people now use Mineays export for rendering which defaults to an appropriate scale of 1000mm high (or 1m) which matches meshswap scale.
  • Also made it so that when selecting the "open mineways" path on OSX, the path auto-fixes itself to end in ".app" if the input path is actually a subfolder.
  • Slightly adjusted Ghast rig, default view of creeper rig, villager rig, and removed extra slime rig.
  • Added a text-file link referring to the addon's privacy policy.

New in this (3.0.0) release:

See previous release notes for full details

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