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SETUP- For the initial setup, you should have some familiarity with the following tools: • Virtualenv – • Flask – • git/Github – • Heroku (basics) – • Python 2.7 and pip as well. • Heroku toolbelt - • Node Package Manager - npm • Webpack -

Set up a virtual environment - I use autoenv, but it is up to you - The env variables I use are in the .env file if you set your own. $ virtualenv venv

Activate the env …or deactivate(when done working)

$ pip install requests

Now freeze your current package state $ pip freeze > requirements.txt

run real requirements $ pip install -r requirements.txt

Install Flask for this project $ pip install Flask==0.10.1

freeze requirements again $ pip freeze > requirements.txt

Run basic server then open $ python http://localhost:5000/

add npm - $ npm install add Webpack - $ npm install webpack -g pip install gunicorn==19.4.5

If you have questions about requirements check the requirements.txt file Dont forget to use enviornment variables if you are deployon heroku.