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@@ -133,12 +133,15 @@
+% If you tailor the presentation to your need
+% you can perfectly put your name on it.
\title{CMake tutorial}
\subtitle{and its friends CPack, CTest and CDash}
-\author{Eric NOULARD - \url{}\\
+\author{Your NAME - \url{}\\
-\date{February, $8^{th}$ 2012}
+\date{DRAFT compiled on \today}
\subject{Slides for CMake, CPack, CTest, CDash presentation. In english.}
\keywords{CMake, CPack, CTest, CDash, build systems, autotools, SCons}
@@ -149,9 +152,12 @@
This presentation is licensed
+Initially given by Eric Noulard for Toulibre on February, $8^{th}$ 2012.
@@ -172,14 +178,39 @@
- \textcolor{cmakegreen}{Mathieu},
- \textcolor{cmakeblue}{Michael \& Michael},
+ \textcolor{cmakegreen}{Mathieu},
+ \textcolor{cmakeblue}{Michael \& Michael},
\textcolor{cmakeblue}{and} \textcolor{cmakered}{many} \textcolor{cmakegreen}{more}\ldots
\item \textcolor{cmakegreen}{My son Louis for the nice CPack 3D logo done with Blender.}
\item \textcolor{cmakered}{and...Toulibre for hosting this presention in Toulouse, France.}
+\frametitle{And thanks to contributors as well\ldots}
+{%\setbeamerfont{block title}{size=\fontsize{6pt}{9.0}}
+This presentation was initially made by Eric Noulard for a Toulibre
+(\url{}) given in Toulouse (France) on February,
+$8^{th}$ 2012. After that, the source of the presentation has been
+release under CC-BY-SA,
+\url{} and put on
+\url{} then contributors
+Many thanks to all contributors (alphabetical order):
+ \textcolor{cmakeblue}{Sébastien Dinot},
+ \textcolor{cmakered}{Andreas Mohr}.
@@ -400,7 +431,7 @@ \section{Basic CMake usage}
\item CMake is a \emph{generator}: it generates \emph{native} build systems files (Makefile, Ninja, IDE project files, \ldots),
\item CMake scripting language (declarative) is used to describe the build,
-\item The developer edits \fname{CMakeLists.txt}, invokes CMake but
+\item The developer edits \fname{CMakeLists.txt}, invokes CMake but
should \emph{never} edit the generated files,
\item CMake may be (automatically) re-invoked by the build system,
@@ -2006,7 +2037,7 @@ \subsection{Custom commands}
Properties may be attached to either \emph{target} or \emph{source file}
(or even \emph{test}).
-They may be used to tailor the prefix or suffix to be used for libraries,
+They may be used to tailor the prefix or suffix to be used for libraries,
compile flags, link flags, linker language, shared libraries version,

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