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This program is a simple GUI for the already existing Custom Splash Script for ReiNX. Other than the fact that I added a preview, not much is to be said. This is a component of Unofficial ReiNX SD Stash Updater. All credit goes to TheExpertNoob for creating the orginal script.

Master Fork Here

How to use:

  1. Install Python 3.5 or later

  2. Run setup.bat

  3. Download Custom Splash Script for ReiNX GUI, and run CustomSplash.pyw

  4. Click "Select Image", and select the image you would like as your ReiNX splash

  5. You will now be shown a preview of what the splash will look like when it is sized properly

  6. You may choose another image, or if you are satisfied, click "Create Splash"

  7. After about 2 seconds, your custom splash will be generated

  8. Copy the "splash.bin" to your "ReiNX" folder on your sd card

  9. Enjoy

How to compile:

  1. Make sure the program fully works for you

  2. Run compile.bat

  3. The compiled executable will be created in the dist folder