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Beta 1. Why not? I'm still learning something from this.

2014-02-08 jQuery 2.1.0. Removed support for old browsers.

Bugs fixed in javascript & css. Better commenting. More to come. It's been some time since I wrote this. Browsers and JS engines continue to evolve. Hopefully this version will increasingly reflect intervening evolution of my understanding.

============ 2012 legacy.

I taught myself HTML, CSS and jQuery the same way I taught myself guitar: by copying my favorite licks off the best players I can find. I'm not always sure I know how to do jQuery, but I do know how to learn.

This is my first jQuery plugin. The first use I plan for it is to help describe the experience of learning how to create it. In doing so I hope to tie together research and ideas I've seen emerging around the merger of experience design and online learning. I also aspire to create an artifact that is more of an application than a document, and thereby represents the evolution of a "documented" experience into something that can be applied by learners who follow, and applied in whole or part in any order, in an individualized manner.


a jQuery plugin to sync show/hide of text and objects to audio/video using only the HTML5 tag, jQuery and CSS.






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