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Jekyll Bigfootnotes Plugin

While kramdown uses only superscript numbers to link to the footnotes this plugin enables big footnote links.

Instead of

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet1

you get

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[1]

Note: Consider that this is only a shitty workaround for the kramdown Big Footnotes feature. See also Issue #167 at the kramdown project.


  1. Clone the project from

  2. Copy bigfootnotes.rb to the Jekyll _plugins directory.

  3. Add the following lines to your _config.yml:

     markdown: KramdownBigfootnotes


markdown: KramdownBigfootnotes
    footnote_big: true
    footnote_prefix: '['
    footnote_suffix: ']'

footnote_big, footnote_prefix and footnote_suffix are optional. You can also use all other standard kramdown options.

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