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Command line interface for

Just another CLI script, but you can even login with your user account.

Project Outlines

The project outlines as described in my blog post about Open Source Software Collaboration.

  • The main purpose of this software is to provide a command-line interface to
  • The features should not go beyond's features and functions. So the features of this software are limited to those of
  • This list is open. Feel free to request features.


The preferred method of installation is via

gem install thefox-pastebin

or via Gemfile:

gem 'thefox-pastebin', '~>1.2'

Use it in your sources:

require 'thefox-pastebin'


Unless you are using -f the default input is STDIN.


pastebin -h

Skel example

pastebin --skel

The default settings file is under ~/.pastebinrc. You need to create it by yourself.

Create a settings file

pastebin --skel > ~/.pastebinrc

Print default settings

pastebin -D

Use a different settings file

pastebin -c ~/.pastebinrc_user2

Set a name for a paste

pastebin -n 'hello world'

Set an expiration date for a paste (10 minutes)

pastebin -e 10m

Set a format/language for a paste (PHP)

pastebin -l php

Paste a specific file

pastebin -f file.txt

Create an unlisted paste

pastebin -u

Create a private paste

pastebin -p

Get the raw contents of a paste

pastebin -r <ID>


As a registered user you can login and let pastebin create pastes on behalf of you. You need to enter your username and password. The login credentials are not stored to any configuration file or anywhere else.

pastebin --login

After a successfull login you need to add the API_USER_KEY= line to your settings file (~/.pastebinrc). This user key is associated to your user.

You can also use your own Developer API Key. See API documentation for more details.


pastebin -n hello_world -e 10m -f hello_world.txt
pastebin -n 'PHP Script' -l php -f login.php
pastebin -u -e 1m -l php -f test.php
pastebin -n 'Collect Script' -p -e 10m -l awk -f collect.awk
pastebin -r UJwPUmKp
cat /tmp/hello_world.txt | pastebin

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Just another CLI script, but you can even login with your user account.





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