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Better PSA Compressor Config

Members of the Legacy XP and Smash 2 dev teams have been cooking up this configuration for PSA Compressor that fixes a lot of mislabled and unlabled stuff and provides some really nice quality of life changes. Some stuff included:

  • A ton more character attributes properly labeled (thanks KingJigglypuff!)
  • Labeled PM-specific Requirements
  • Rearranged hitbox parameters for easily reading frame data
  • Better descriptions for what parameters actually do (hitboxes especially)
  • Graphic Effect commands are now annotated "(Detached) or "(Attached)" instead of the "External" misnomer
  • Documenting the command that caused the PM memory leaks ("Set Status ID Interrupt", we're calling it)
  • Support for Mawootad's custom PSA commands (Independent Subroutines, On-the-Fly Attribute Changes)
  • Support for JOJI's hitbox sound effect change command
  • Fixed typos and standardized naming/capitalization a little bit all around

To install, just overwrite the files in your PSA Compressor's Data/ folder with the stuff in the zip.

Thanks so much to ICLPX for creating PSA Compressor! It's undoubtedly the best PSA editor made to this day. The latest version as of 2018-01-18 can be found here.


  • codes
  • Shockbound
  • KingJigglypuff
  • ds22
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